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Did you know that the average person spends about 6 hours per week cleaning their home? Imagine what you could do with that extra time! APS Home Cleaning Services is here to help you reclaim those precious hours. Are you ready to experience a spotless home without lifting a finger?

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Experience the APS Home Cleaning Services difference today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a spotless, well-organized space.

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Residential Cleaning

Kitchens: We'll make your kitchen sparkle, from countertops to appliances

Bedrooms: We'll create a tidy, relaxing space perfect for catching some Z's

Bathrooms: Scrubbing and shining everything, so it's fresh and inviting

Deep cleaning services: With our deep cleaning services, we go deeper and tackle tasks such as scrubbing grout, cleaning behind and under furniture, and cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

Post-Construction Cleaning: Our cleaning services can provide a fresh start for your new home by removing any dirt, dust, or debris left behind from construction.

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Commercial Cleaning Services

Banks: Trust us to keep your financial space looking professional and spotless

Auto Dealerships: We'll ensure your showroom and vehicles are in tip-top shape

Office Buildings: Count on us to create a welcoming, clean workspace for everyone

Medical & Dental Offices: We'll maintain a hygienic, safe healthcare environment

Religious Facilities: Keeping sacred spaces serene and tidy for worship

Theaters: Sit back and enjoy the show – we'll handle the cleaning

APS Home Cleaning Services

Construction Cleaning

Pre-Construction: Prepping the site for construction, clearing debris, and more

Post-Construction: We'll swoop in to clean up dust and debris from your new or renovated space

APS Home Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning

Say Goodbye to Grime: We'll deep clean your carpets, making your home fresh and allergen-free

Improves indoor air quality: With our carpet cleaning service, rest assured that dust, pollutants and debris are wiped out.

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We Love the Job You Hate

Let's be honest – cleaning isn't everyone's cup of tea. But here at APS Home Cleaning Services, we absolutely love it! Our passion is transforming your space into a clean, inviting haven that just feels amazing. With our skilled team by your side, you can kick back, relax, and let us handle the dirty work – all with a friendly smile, of course.


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When it comes to top-notch cleaning services in Ashburn, VA, and Loudoun County, Virginia, we're your go-to company. At APS Home Cleaning Services, we're all about making your life a whole lot easier (and cleaner). So, you can trust our team to handle your cleaning needs with the perfect combo of care, precision, and expertise.