Cleaning F.A.Q.

Here's a list of our top 10 frequently asked questions for homeowners 

How much does it cost to have my home cleaned?

Every home is different and is in a different condition. Generally, you’ll need to schedule an estimate to ensure proper pricing.

Can you do a one-time cleaning?

Yes. We can help you if you’re in need of a moving in, moving out, or even during a seasonal deep cleaning.

Are you insured?

 We are fully bonded and insured to always give you peace of mind. 

Do you provide cleaning supplies or equipment?

Yes. Our estimate covers everything

What type of payment do you accept for residential cleaning services?

We accept cash, check, or credit card.

What locations do to you cover?

APS Home Cleaning Services Northern Virginia.

Do you provide carpet cleaning services?

At this time, we do not but we can recommend one of our top-rated partners.

Is making beds extra?

No, making beds are covered in all of our services

Why does an initial cleaning cost more?

A deep cleaning is usually required for the initial cleaning to ensure your home is properly cleaned from top to bottom. This ensures your home is at our quality standard moving forward.

How often can you provide service?

We offer one-time cleaning, weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly and seasonal.

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