Best Cleaning Tips in Sterling, VA

From Stains to Shine: Discover the Best Cleaning Tips and Tricks for a Spotless Home

Best Cleaning Tips for Sterling, Virginia

Clean Smarter, Not Harder - Discover Our Top Cleaning Tips for a Sparkling Home!

The main objective of cleaning the house is to keep it comfortable and nice for living. It also keeps up the excellent hygiene of all the family members living in the house. If all the family members including children pitch in to help clean the house, it will become very easy to clean the house in a short time without overburdening a single person. This also helps in creating a disciplinary awareness in children on cleanliness.

Best Cleaning Tips for Sterling, VA

Save Time & Effort

Our cleaning tips can help you clean your home more efficiently, saving you time and energy from doing chores the wrong way.

Best Cleaning Tips for Sterling, VA


Using our cleaning tips, you can save money on expensive cleaning products and equipment. You can achieve a clean home without spending a penny!

Best Cleaning Tips for Sterling, VA

Better Cleaning Results

Our cleaning tips are based on our years of experience in the cleaning industry, ensuring that you get the best possible cleaning results.

There are so many cleaning tips that are out there, but the best ones help you maintain a clean house. At APS Home Cleaning Services, we have the Best Move out cleaning services in Sterling and provide top Housekeeping services. We have found out that before you start you need to have some basic cleaning supplies such as a broom, wipe cloths, disinfectant cloth, vacuum cleaner, all-purpose cleaning liquid, scrubber, and duster.

Dust Your House

Dust each room, including the topsides of all the furniture, undersides of shelves, and all handrails, as well as picture frames, TV screens, and decorations. "When it’s possible to dry-dust, I do getting something wet makes it harder," says Romero. To get rid of fingerprints, dampen a microfiber cloth with warm water.

Best Cleaning Tips for Sterling, VA

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Clean the Exhaust Fan

If the grille on your bathroom exhaust fan is clogged with dust, try a trick that’s faster and more effective than vacuuming. Here’s how to clean a bathroom fan: Turn on the fan and blast out the dust with “canned air.” The fan will blow the dust outside. This works on the return air grilles of your central heating/cooling system too. Run the system so that the return airflow will carry the dust to the filter. You’ll find canned air at home centers and hardware stores, usually in the electrical supplies aisle.

Old Stains

Old and dry stains are sometimes impossible to be removed. But you may try it with bacteria/enzyme digester where the bacteria may produce enough ammonia that it helps to break down the stain. You will need to neutralize the spot after the digester is there for about 4-5 hours. Mix solution contains vinegar and warm water and rinse the area with the solution.

Clean Furniture Fabric

Go through the house and strip and remake beds; neaten any pillows or furniture blankets. Brush furniture surfaces with a vacuum extension as needed.

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Monthly Cleaning Services

For those who prefer comprehensive cleanings once a month, ensuring a fresh and tidy space throughout the year.

Best Cleaning Tips for Sterling, VA

Odor removal 

Letting the sun come into the house sometimes will help to dissipate the smoke and clear any odor from remaining in your house. Increase the airflow in the house by opening all the windows, and turning on fans and doors whenever you can. You can also get some odor neutralizer and place it in your dining room which will work like magic.

Clean Mirrors and Glass 

Wipe down mirrors and windows thoroughly throughout the house.

Kitchen cabinets 

Never use powdered cleansers on cabinets. Keep a spray bottle of all-purpose cleaner available and always spot clean after heavy kitchen use. To get rid of stubborn dirt, wash around the handles and greasy areas. Then wash the inner space of the cabinets. If your cabinets are old from wear and tear, spray furniture polish once a year to bring back some life.

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Best Cleaning Tips for Sterling, VA

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